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Dr. Kathleen Ives, Moderator

Director of Higher Education Transformation at NLET &

Former CEO at Online Learning Consortium 

Dr. Maris A. Lown

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Union County College 

Dr. Michael Graves

Associate Chair of the Department of Biology &

Associate Professor of Biology, University of Massachusetts Lowell 


The "New Normal": Lessons Learned from the COVID Age and New Approaches for Spring

Lessons learned from the turmoil of fall 2020 and how these new perspectives can be applied to the future of education. 

December 1, 2020 12 PM EST | 11 AM CST Your Desk!

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced an urgent shift to online learning this spring, colleges and universities are now making their way through a fall semester that is, for many institutions, almost completely remote. 

The “new normal” has brought with it a host of new questions: is it possible to foster student engagement in an online setting? How can students, not to mention faculty and staff, stay motivated with limited face-to-face interaction? For many programs, the use of enhanced technologies like Packback, an online discussion platform equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) instructional support technology, has allowed instructors to support their students and optimize learning outcomes while being remote.

On December 1st at 12 PM EST, join Dr. Michael Graves, Associate Chair and Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Dr. Kathleen Ives, Director of Higher Education at NLET and Former CEO at Online Learning Consortium, and Dr. Maris A. Lown, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Union County College, as they come together to explore the lessons they've learned from a challenging fall semester, how we can apply these takeaways to the spring, and how Packback has played a critical role in the transition to remote learning.

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