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Jessica Tenuta, Moderator

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Packback 

Jaida Sloan

Senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and 3-term Packback user 

Neely Edwards

Senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and 2-term Packback user 

Brenna Schubert

Junior at Pennsylvania State University and 2-term Packback user 



Austin Catania

Senior at Pennsylvania State University and 1st term Packback user 


Understanding the Student Experience: New Perspectives on Learning Amidst a Global Pandemic

Understanding the student experience during COVID-19 in order to inform our instructional approach to the spring semester and beyond.

October 20, 2020 12 PM CDT | 1 PM EDT Your Desk!

COVID-19 has changed higher education as we know it. Instructors have been tasked with solving new problems daily, and for many instructors learning how to effectively teach online has meant re-working years of lesson plans and syllabi for an entirely new format in a matter of months. While the challenges instructors face are unparalleled, students have been faced with an extreme learning curve juggling changing campus environments and unlearning familiar modes of instruction. 


On October 20th, join us for a webinar by students, for instructors. In this presentation, 4 students from Pennsylvania State University and the University of North Carolina Charlotte will share their experiences dealing with the changing landscape of higher education during the global pandemic. 


Join undergraduate students Neely Edwards, Brenna Schubert, Jaida Sloan, and Austin Catania as they share how COVID has re-shaped what higher education and learning effectively means to each of them. These students will share an unvarnished look at their personal experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, the surprising things their instructors did that made the biggest difference in helping them feel supported, how the discussion was used in their classroom (and their honest thoughts on the experience), and why student autonomy matters.



About the Presenters:

Neely Edwards is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte who is currently majoring in History with a concentration in Human Rights and Genocide. This will be his second-semester using Packback as a TA for undergraduate students.


Jaida Sloan is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte who is majoring in History with a concentration on African American thought and culture. This will be her third-semester using Packback, and her first time as a TA on the platform.


Austin Catania is a senior at Pennsylvania State University pursuing degrees in Economics and Labor & Employment Relations with a focus in International, Development & Transition Economics and Human Resource & Public Economics. He is a Schreyer Honors Scholar and Paterno Fellow.


Brenna Schubert is a junior at Pennsylvania State University majoring in Economics. She currently serves as the Administration Lead for the Penn State Formula Racing team (Formula SAE), Treasurer for the Women in Economics Society, and is a TA grader for Intermediate Microeconomics using Packback.


During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What human factors students are experiencing while dealing with COVID inside and outside of the classroom
  • Which parts of online learning students find confusing, unclear, and demotivating to uncover
  • How Packback has played a role in students' experience during COVID
  • Easy, eye-opening ways to tweak instructional approaches such as communication standards, small ways to reduce cognitive load for students, and modes of interaction with students

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